2017 The Russian Federation

Russia ranks #2 in the 2017 List of 10 Most Dangerous Countries for Women Travelers this year because it clocks in at roughly 33 million foreign tourists a year and had a tendency to attack nearby countries, which places any hapless tourist in a potential war zone.  There are significant problems with terrorism, a high rate of crime, and other violence (including violence towards women).  Thanks to this spectacular combination, Russia creates an interesting threat for tourists in 2017.

Rating: Very Dangerous

Russia is ranked 151 out of 163 (the higher the number, the worse it is) for the Global Peace Index, which places the Russian Federation in the company of many of the countries on our “Don’t Even Go There List” such as Syria, Libya, Iraq, etc. Of particular interest to women, legislation and attitudes hostile to women are increasing.  For example, very recent legislation decriminalized certain types of domestic violence.

The Australians advise their citizens to exercise a high degree of caution in Russia as a whole due to terrorist activity and crime.  For the regions bordering the Ukrainian provinces of Donetsk, Lugansk, and Kharkiv, they suggest you reconsider your need to travel. For the North Caucasus, they bluntly suggest you do not travel there.

The United Kingdom voices similar warnings and adds a particular caution if you are Asian or Afro-Caribbean to be on your guard against racially motivated attacks; especially around Hitler’s birthday (April 20th).

Conclusion:  Perhaps you are thinking it would be better to go where a woman can travel freely and safely, if so, please refer to our 10 Safest Countries for Women Travelers, Best Countries in Africa, Best Places in Oceania, and Best Countries in South America.

Cover Photo: Vladimir Gerdo/Tass via The Guardian

Photo Description: Activist Alena Popova during a lone protest against the legal changes. She said passersby told her some women deserved to be beaten.

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