2017 Venezuela

Venezuela’s violent crime rate, political instability due to a disintegrating economy and armed insurgent groups has caused this distressed country to bounce back up to #3 on the 2017 List of 10 Most Dangerous Countries for Women Travelers.

Rating: Dangerous and Obnoxious

The UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) ranks it as the worst in South America for homicides. The US State Department warns against travel there due to a very high crime level, social unrest and shortages of food and basics like medicine as well as electricity outages. The disintegration of Venezuela’s economy makes being a tourist very difficult since social unrest means a higher potential for violence and looting in a country where the crime rate was already high.  Violent crime is worst in Caracas, where tourists, and residents regularly deal with high profile violent crimes like murder, robbery, and kidnapping that occurs at all hours of the day and night.  Human trafficking is significant and an issue for tourists and local women. Harassment and rape are a serious problem, made worse by the fact that although most of us know to avoid strange men on dark streets, it’s particularly difficult when the perpetrators are hotel workers, taxi drivers, and men posing as police officers.  Political instability is due to the FARC and ELN militants, particularly along the shared border with Colombia.

The Aussies advise not traveling near the border of Columbia and to reconsider your need to travel elsewhere in Venezuela to due to violent crime, political instability and shortages of food and medicine.. This sort of warning is also found in other countries’ travel advisories as well.

If you want to or must go:  Margarita Island is no longer a safe destination and has shortages like the rest of Venezuela, including of fresh water. Sadly we don’t have any recommendations as to an alternative that will work in Venezuela right now.

Conclusion:  Perhaps you are thinking it would be better to go where a woman can travel freely and safely, if so, please refer to our 10 Safest Countries for Women Travelers, Best Countries in Africa, Best Places in Oceania, and Best Countries in South America.

Cover Photo Credit: CNN

Description: People line up to buy basic food and household items outside a supermarket in Caracas, on September 28, 2016.


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