7 Useful Apps for Organizing Your Next Trip

By Nicole Noël

Travel is great, but let’s face it; a lot of the planning can be annoying and expensive.  But as we know, there is usually an app to make life better and here are the best ones for travel. Organizing your finances, booking the flight, and planning your itinerary are all fairly inconvenient things to do. Luckily, this bother can easily be remedied with the help of technology. As long as you have your mobile device with you (be it a laptop, tablet, or phone) there is nothing in the world that should worry you. Here are 7 useful apps for organizing your trip in the best way possible.

  1. Offmaps 2Offmaps App

Now, most people will say that it is just silly to download maps when you already have an internet connection. Still, you cannot guarantee that you will always have internet available to you. Wi-Fi is not omnipresent and there are many things that can disrupt your SIM internet. This is why it’s always good to have Offmaps 2 on your side. This app contains maps of all the major cities in the world. Furthermore, these maps are all easily accessible and easy to browse through.


  1. KayakKayak Image

The most important technical aspect of traveling is booking the right flight and the best possible lodging. Now, this can be quite inconvenient, especially if you have never traveled to the target location before. In this way, the Kayak application can turn out to be completely invaluable. By finding the most affordable flight and the most convenient accommodation, Kayak basically does most of the job on its own.


  1. TripitTripIt Image

As for managing the itinerary of the route itself, there is nothing more valuable than Tripit. This app organizes your route in checkpoints so that you can predict almost every step you make on the tour. One more thing, if connected to your Gmail or Outlook application, Tripit can send confirmation emails to all the airports, hotels, and even restaurants you plan on visiting.


  1. TrippeoTripeo

Trippeo is an adequate travel expense app you need on your mobile device, before you decide to travel abroad. When it comes to this, Trippeo is simply second to none. This app is connected to your credit card, but also offers you a chance to input your cash expenses as well. Then, through your mobile device or even laptop, you can directly monitor just how much you spent on your journey so far.

  1. Hotel Tonight


Even though we strongly advocated being well-organized, spontaneity is by far the best thing about a vacation as well. So, what if you suddenly decided you want to stay just one extra night? Some will probably believe that the most difficult thing about this would be finding a last minute room at the hotel, but this is exactly what the Hotel Tonight app is all about. Find the best, last-minute deal for a hotel room and stay on your trip for as long as you want.



  1. Google TranslateGoogleTranslate Image

Even though Google Translate will never be able to replace a real translator, there are many advantages that it brings to the table. For example, Google Translate is always by your side. Honestly, how many people can actually afford to pay for a translator? Sometimes, you don’t always need an exact translation and interpretation. In a given context, all that you need to know is what the word means in its crudest, most basic form.


  1. Uber appUber Image

The Uber app is the next step in the evolution of intercity commute. Because of its revolutionary way of doing business, its accessibility, and the fact that payment-wise it is not stuck in the paper era (like most of the taxi companies) are all proven factors to what makes Uber so great. Also, what better way to get around this new location than with the help of a friendly local Uber driver.

If you are beginning to suspect that life can always be improved with an App, these travel Apps will convince you, by making your next trip more convenient and far cheaper!

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