A Female Guide to Solo Travel

This book is for all the women who wanted to travel alone around the world, but felt it was not safe; and maybe resented their male friends who did it. Lisa Eldridge, the author, has found ways to travel solo as a woman and make it work. She does it deliberately and ethically, in a word–smart. So if you or one of your women friends or relatives arrived at the conclusion that it is a bad idea for a woman to travel solo, read A Female Guide to Solo Travel.

Solo Woman Travel Book

This fabulous book gives the reader the opportunity learned how to fulfill her travel dreams. She can see how to make practical plans before and sensible decisions during her travels. And she can travel solo throughout her lifetime, not only when she is young. As the author says, you can have your adventures now and as you age.

Traveling solo lets you learn about countries, cultures, other peoples and about yourself. You can learn how to be self sufficient and resourceful. You may learn how to prioritize and trust your instincts. You can experience travel in heightened ways because you are not distracted by your traveling companion(s). For example, you can visit something of particular interest to you spending as much time as you want without needing to negotiate with someone who does not share your interest. Traveling solo makes it easier to meet locals and other travelers. You return home forever changed.

The author, Lisa Eldridge, is an experienced solo world traveler who shares her knowledge and expertise in this thorough guide. She has written a practical book that addresses the thinking that sometimes prevents us from pursuing our travel dreams. She encourages conscientious travel and shares how to do it. She also includes the practical aspects of traveling solo as a woman. Readers may choose to read it from start to finish or flip to the sections with the most relevant information. You can read more about Ms. Eldridge, who is also known as Girl About The Globe, on her website, www.girlabouttheglobe.com.

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