Full Length Review – Be sure to cover a variety of issues that affect the travel in a systematic way and cite sources.  Include:  Overview, safety data (crime, particularly as it applies to women (sex assault, sexual harassment but also targeting women for theft), other hazards (traffic safety, natural hazards, terrorism), what parts of the country are particularly unsafe and which tend to be safe.  Please note the hazards specific to a country, since some may not be obvious.  See India Review for an example.

Blogs – three types

1) Philosophize about women’s travel in a general way.

2) Adventure blog – a diary or journal of some travel odyssey that is more a running commentary of your experience rather than an attempt to comprehensively evaluate a country;

3) Editorial – Opinion about an item in news that’s important and might affect our fellow women travelers.  Example:  The recent arrest and criminal charges for a woman who was drugged and sexually assaulted in Dubai.

Please submit your pieces here.