Dark streets and secret joys, a look at Bangkok

Bangkok is one of those cities that is transforming faster than it is possible to catalog. A city of terrible crime, sex slavery, wide spread prostitution and exploitation, it is also a city for millions of Thai families, workers and country people living their daily lives. There are areas that have to be avoided such as the dark side-streets of Patpong, and areas that are filled with friendly tourists and college students.The outdoor markets are worth seeing, and there are often hand made items such as jewelry and eccentric clothing that can be found no where else in the world. There are a number of expensive hotels, and some cheaper hostels, but it is worth paying for a nicer place, as there are safety concerns in the less expensive hostels and hotels.

Overall, Bangkok is a great city to travel through when going to explore Thailand’s numerous islands or mountain communities such as Koh Samui or Chiang Mai. It is not a good place for a woman to travel alone, unless en route to somewhere else, and it would be worth making Bangkok a short stop on your travels.

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