How Many Countries Are There?

If you plan to visit all the countries in the world, don’t you need to know how many there are? This super fun Upworthy video by Rollie Williams tries to answer the question, “How Many Countries are there? Simple Question – Ridiculously Complicated Answer.”

Do you really know geography?

This National Geographic link rocks the FAQ’s about geography. It is serious, but cool. For example, “Do you know how many oceans there really are?”

Kickass Woman Stops Man From Robbing Her

This video footage was taken from an underground subway station in Russia. You’re going to see a man come down the stairs and try to steal a phone from the woman leaning against the wall.

What happens next is most definitely the coolest thing you will see today and probably for the rest of the week. Let’s just say this was not the right woman to mess with.

Traveling While Pregnant

We love the below links for pregnant travelers because they includes helpful tips and information.

Medical Guide

This Heathrow Airport Guide includes information about medical services at the airport and ideas about traveling with medical conditions. It even addresses fear of flying and flying while pregnant.

Dangers of Traveling While Female

This is a wonderful piece by Tara Isabella Burton, an award winning travel writer, published in While I don’t really like the title, Ms. Burton highlights the up and downsides of being a woman travel writer. She also provides nuances of making safety decisions as a woman while getting as much as possible out of her travel experiences  By observing as a woman, she has a better opportunity to understand the cultures, the people and the nuances that a quieter and more thoughtful approach reveals.

Stepping Up to Stop Sexual Assault

Though women are often the victims of sexual assault, this violence is not a women’s problem per se. It is a problem for all of us, men and women, to solve; and one of the best ways is called bystander intervention. Michael Winerip addresses this issue in his piece that was published in the New York Times about college students using this approach. It is applicable to many other situations, too.

Traveling While Black

We love published in the New York Times about what it is like to travel in China as an African American. Mr. Chiceya says, “I am an African-American with long dreadlocks, and my friend, Maria, a Mexican-American, had her half-Dominican son in tow….But no one touched our hair, pointed or acted hostile — which has happened to me as a tourist even in the United States. Once again, my travels had taken me to a place — not just a physical but a mental place — where the rules as I knew them had changed.”

The Truth About Traveling Solo

This is an excellent piece by Shannon O’Donnell, who has been traveling around the world for the last five years, often traveling solo. This is a way to experience the kindness of people around the world; and we applaud her adventurous spirit. I love her sound suggestions for looking out for her own well being. If you decide travel solo–and lots of women do–go for it! We hope you will remember, however, the power of your travel decisions when you select where to go.