Marriage Proposals While Traveling?

Dear Nellie Bly:

How do I handle marriage proposals while traveling?



Dear Desirable:

Marriage proposals must be handled carefully because 98% of the time they are a nuisance and to be dealt with accordingly.   These proposals fall in three categories:  1) Opportunistic – he wants sex, money or a visa to your country; 2) Complimentary – he really thinks you’re attractive; and 3) He’s serious – he is a man who falls in love at first sight or an idiot, actually, I repeat myself.  Your response depends on how serious he seems.  For 1 and 2, you can usually get away with a cheery laugh and thank you before zipping off to do something like catch your tour bus (really, you have to go or you’ll miss it!).  With 3, laughter is perhaps not the best thing but claiming to be married can help.  You can head off many of these men by just wearing a wedding band.  The real thing, unless it’s terribly flashy and will make you a crime victim, or a plain one because it’s less risky or you’re not actually married.  Then you can just look somewhat pensive, point to the ring apologetically and run off to catch your tour bus.   Good luck and stay disentangled!

Nellie Bly

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