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Dear Nellie Bly,

The information below may be of interest to you. It’s of interest to me since I have recently been given the go-ahead to take time off and do a journey to India. I’m looking for flights to and from New Delhi in the February-March 2017 time frame.

Do you have any thoughts on the flight from Los Angeles to Istanbul to New Delhi in terms of safe-for-women scale?



My Dear Jennifer,

One can only guess that you are looking at these flights because they offer the female traveler exceptionally low airfare.  They would have to since the recent attack in June on Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport, with the exciting promise from ISIS of more to follow.  And, one also assumes that India would wish to offer whatever financial incentives possible to lure back the wary female traveler after the many attacks that befall us there.

Not for nothing have Turkey and India made our top ten list of Worst Countries for women to travel to – starting with the highly personal attacks on women for being, well, women, in the form of rape, harassment and other peculiar attentions such as staring and being followed, to other crimes such as theft and fraud, and of course, terrorism, these two countries should offer far more than low airfare.

However, I digress; the point is that you are going to India, possibly through Turkey.  If you do go to Istanbul, show high levels of caution in the airport and if you cannot resist Istanbul (which is an amazing city) please take a group tour.  The same is true in India.  While the intrepid female traveler delights in solo travel in many far-flung places let us just say that now is not the time for doing so in either Turkey or India.  Have an extremely adventurous trip that educates, elevates and amuses without being fatal or otherwise deleterious to your health. In fact, a swift review of our articles on Turkey and India may be to your advantage so that whatever trip you decide to take is more about adventure than precipitous flight or hospital stays.


Nellie Bly

Photo description: Nellie Bly, circa 1890

Photo attribution: H. J. Myers -photographer, Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

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