Secrets of Safe Travel in Nepal

by Kimberley Rain Miner

Nepal has exquisite natural beauty, and for that reason is probably on your list of places to go to. However, there have been many political challenges for Nepal in the past 30 years, and the instability has made the country increasingly dangerous. Often customs processes at the airport can be a challenge, and travelers can be detained or deported without due process.In Kathmandu “Bandhs” or general strikes occur daily and often will close down entire sections of the city. It is very important that travelers stay as far from these areas as possible, as they can turn violent very quickly. Crime is still relatively low, but sexual assault and kidnappings are on the rise.

Women traveling in Kathmandu or throughout urban areas in Nepal are advised not to walk alone, especially after dark or in areas experiencing power cuts, and to be especially mindful of their food and drink because of problems with tourists being drugged in the past. Border regions should be avoided.

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