Staying in Seoul

Dear Nellie Bly,

What can you tell me about going to Seoul, South Korea?

Thanx and regards,


Dear AJ:

South Korea hasn’t got any travel advisories or warnings I am aware of. The biggest thing is the traffic — the drivers don’t give pedestrians right of way, they don’t respect cross walks, and often don’t stop at red lights. Also, traveling solo in any place can be a little dicey so it’s best to take extra precautions. For example, be sure you have friends or family who have your detailed travel itinerary, and you regularly communicate with them, just in case.

Be sure to keep the numbers of your embassy handy, as they are your in-country support when emergencies occur. I’m hoping if you go alone you will make most of your reservations in advance since some trouble solo travelers encounter has to do with last minute reservations when they get there. Personally, I think it’s safest to go with a friend or find a tour that meets your personal interests, but solo travel has its merits.

If you are going to Seoul, the air quality is awful so bring nasal spray and saline solution to rinse your eyes. Likewise, they are having more sandstorms in South Korea so these items would be useful if one happens while you were there. There are frequent protests, so be prepared to move around them to avoid trouble. Even peaceful protests unexpectedly can turn violent. Mid-summer is typhoon season so keep that in mind when scheduling your trip.

  I assume you know North Korea would be quite dangerous so I won’t give extra info on that.
Safe and happy travels!
Nellie Bly

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