Travel Guide to Sydney

By Nicole Noël

Sydney is one of those amazing cities in the World in which history and modern times clash and make a wonderful mixture. The eventful and unique history of Australia makes it a very interesting place to visit and explore. The Aboriginal heritage, together with the ways of life of the first Europeans means that Sydney has a lot of things to offer to any tourist. It is especially interesting to see these events through the works, art and lives of women. Here is a guide through Sydney’s nature and culture from a very feminine perspective.        Cover photo by David Iliff. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

Exploring the Aboriginal Culture

Bangarra Dancers

Bangarra Dancers

New South Wales is the home of the big part of the Aboriginal community. If you do not know much about it, it is a great idea to start from the Aboriginal Heritage Office and the Aboriginal Heritage Museum. You can see the AHO walks and talks schedule online and decide if you can participate in these interesting and educative activities. Also, make sure that you visit the Bangarra Dance Theatre which features the combination of modern and traditional Aboriginal dances. Photo courtesy of Bangarra Dance Theatre.

If you want to get even closer to this community, consider visiting La Perouse and the Bare Hands enterprise or whichever other workshop may be ongoing at the time of your visit. Bare Hands is a series of Aboriginal workshops organized by the First Hand Solutions and they take place on the Bare Island at La Perouse. You can check out the website of First Hand Solutions to see the available programs and the times and dates available. Usually, you will be able to learn a certain skill and take the artefact that you make with you. All the programs are about Aboriginal native arts, crafts or skills. It will bring you closer to understanding this community. The products of these programs are on display at Blak Markets that FHS also organizes.

Spirit of the Victorian Era

Queen Victoria Building

Queen Victoria Building

Buildings of the Victorian Era can still be seen in The Rocks area of Sydney. Tourists enjoy visiting the lovely Queen Victoria Building and St Andrew’s Cathedral. The King Street is the oldest walking street in Sydney and it still captivates the spirit of the old days, despite the modern setting that is present today. Quite near Sydney is Randwick that is also a treasury of the remainders of the early European settlement. Finding the Victorian style accommodation in Randwick area should be easy and it will give you the opportunity to have the authentic experience.

As for the female population in Sydney during this period, it is known that they were mostly domestic servants if they had any occupation. However, it seems that 40% of women of this period declared having an occupation, half of them stating it is other than being a domestic servant. Women had small businesses at that time, as well. You can learn all about it from the Women of Pitt Street and following the map in today’s Sydney.

Photo by ADAM JWC. License: CC-BY-SA 2.5

Modern Art Adventure

Museum of Contemporary Art

Museum of Contemporary Art

If you want to sober up from the history and see the modern art of Sydney, the first place to go is the Museum of Contemporary Art.     Photo by Simon Clancy – Own work

You can also download their new app and see their schedule. The Sydney Contemporary, on the other hand, is the place of the vibrant fair that features Australasia modern art. It is the home of many performances, exhibitions, shows and other forms that will surprise you and amaze you. There are always very engaging and excellent exhibitions at the Contemporary Art and Feminism. Many today’s women artists found this platform to be their way of reaching the audience.

Urban Life of Sydney

The urban life of Sydney is full of lovely and cozy cafes, restaurants and bars. Moreover, it is packed with very interesting small designer boutiques that offer unique clothing, jewelry and handmade items. The Rocks boasts with many wonderful markets that are open throughout the year. Textiles, jewelry, but even blowing glass and art on honey can be seen, touched and bought at those markets.

street art

Vexta Street Art

Urban art of Sydney is not without the female presence, as well. Vexta is one of the world famous street artists, and she comes from Sydney. You can find her art on the Sydney walls, as well as many other streets of the world. Photo by: JAM Project

Sydney has a lot to offer to any tourist. Moreover, it has much to offer to a female tourist looking to get a better insight of the position of women in modern Australian life. This includes women with different background and ethnicity. From modern art to traditional crafts, the touch of the woman’s hand can be seen and cherished throughout Sydney.


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