Trump Single-Handedly Protects Americans From Evils Of Tourism with Travel Ban

With his new and updated travel ban, President Trump hopes to make his decrease in tourism to the US even Yuger!  As noted by the Economist, following the ban, business tourism transactions fell by 3.4% with a cost of $185 million in business travel bookings.  Overall searches for online flights dropped 17%.  So in welcome news for US security, not only are terrorists being thwarted, the US has also successfully rid themselves of the pesky tourist.   Long have the citizens of the US suffered in silence as tourists stole their favorite tables at restaurants, increased the lines at Disneyland, and talked in disturbing accents. No more!  Across the country, Americans heaved a deep sigh of relief as knowing their domestic security is secure.

Cover Photo: Crowded JFK Airport

Photo Attribution: By Angelo DeSantis from Berkeley, US [CC BY 2.0 ()], via Wikimedia Commons

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