Unholey Jeans

Iran Morality Police Protect Country from Scruffy Jeans!

Denim Hole

In a great victory for purity of women, a fourteen year old girl was beaten by the morality police for wearing holey jeans.   In a quick-thinking response to domestic terrorism, the girl’s face and arms were bruised to distract the eyes of the impure away from this disgraceful sight.   Women all over Iran poured into the streets to express their enthusiasm over being saved from the unspeakable evil of their daughters in unkempt denim.  “These girls have to be stopped.”  Afari, mother of three, said brandishing a victory banner. “Better they be bruised head to toe then “give a black eye” to the reputation of their Mothers.” Afari’s mother, holding the other end of the banner agreed:  “They will be happier in the heavy black fabric of Chador, which hides the evils of womanhood.”   The procession was briefly delayed as several women tripped on their long chadors but supporters picked them up and the march continued till the morality police disbanded it as unseemly.  Men of Iran, although deeply disapproving of the march, supported the work of the morality police and expressed relief:  “I was afraid to go into the streets, now, I know I will not be led from the path of virtue.”  Said Mullah Hasan, who did not wish to give his last name.  “I would feel a little safer if she had been buried alive, however, this is progress.”

Photo Credit: By Stilfehler – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Cover Photo: HK Central night Queens Road shop

Cover photo credit: By Kaupaickehran – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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