Visa Requirements Are Changing

After the November 2015 Paris terrorist attacks, various countries are reviewing their rules and regulations regarding travelers entering their countries. Assume it will take more time, more paperwork, and associated additional fees to travel to destinations that used to be relatively easy.

Even the fundamental principal that people can travel from one European country to another European country with no passports or visas is being questioned. Historically, the US waived the requirement to have visas for travelers from certain countries. US Senators  and the US President are discussing, however, whether this waiver is a security risk. The waiver program likely will be changed so visas will be required. Additionally, due to a number of issues, the US State Department is warning those seeking to renew or get a new passport that the wait time has increased to six weeks compared to four weeks, so best to plan ahead.  Therefore, be sure to check your travel destination to make sure you know the information regarding the current visa rules.

On an ongoing basis and as world events unfold, countries reexamine their security procedures; the countries are likely to change their requirements. Don’t assume you know the rules. Make sure you have up-to-date information about the visa for your destination, and do it before you book transportation, hotel or anything else!

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